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What is the Process for PFX Returns?

Here is all of the information you need to submit a return to Pet Food Experts.

  • All discrepancies should be reported to the Customer Claims team within 48 hours of delivery
  • Order Discrepancy Form
  • Email: customerclaims@petfoodexperts.com
  • Phone: (800) 637-7338 ext 3900
  • Fax: (800) 935-2150
  • Please view our Returns Policy HERE
  • Please provide your store name, account number, and invoice number. Approved RGAs will be emailed to you — Please have printed RGA and items to be returned ready for the driver with your next delivery.
  • You should use this form when submitting consumer returns 
    • Forms and UPCs can be scanned and sent in via email, handed to your PFX Driver, or they can be mailed to ATTN: REWARDS, PO BOX 8, Pawtucket, RI 02862
    • You can see our Return to Vendor (RTV) and Consumer Returns Guidelines HERE