Step-by-Step Registration Guide: Retailers

Below is a video walk-through of the process to register as an attendee for PFEXPO East.

    Please watch this video for a helpful guide on registering for PFEXPO West.

    Other helpful tips:
    If you’ve already registered for PFEXPO and need to change your specific attendee information, use the search field on the first page and search for your first or last name. Searching your full name will not work. 

    You do need to use a unique email address per attendee. By clicking the box agreeing to marketing emails, you are agreeing to receive emails from Perenso, our show ordering company. Please be sure you are also opted-in to receive PFEXPO info emails from PFX. 

    Chain Stores: You will see your list of connected locations under "Customers via Ordering Group". Please check off which locations you will be purchasing for at the show. This action can also be done at check-in when you arrive on the show floor. 

    If you are opting in for text message updates from PFEXPO, you will only receive them during the actual show. You will be automatically opted out once the show is over. 

    You can visit our PFEXPO website for complete details on PFEXPO West and PFEXPO East. If you have any questions or concerns, you can send an email to

    Download the PFEXPO App! Simply visit the App Store (for Apple devices) or Google Play (for Android devices), search for "Perenso Event Explorer," and download the app to get started.