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How Can I Place an Order with PFX?

Here's everything you need to know about placing an order with us - we hope you're as excited as we are!

Office hours: Monday - Friday 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM EST
Order Minimum: $500 per delivery

Delivery options:

  • DROP - Your driver will drop the pallet intact at the curbside, loading dock, or inside the store, in the designated delivery area (if in store, doors will need to accommodate the width of the pallet) | $11/delivery.
  • HAND - Your driver will break down the pallet and bring the order into the store by dolly | $20/delivery.

Order Options:

  1. Our online storefront. This website is available 24/7 and is easy to use. To log in, use your Pet Food Experts account number and the temporary password in your Welcome email. For a quick walkthrough on how to use the basic features of our storefront, watch this video.
  2. Email an export list from your POS system using this special template. The list should then be emailed to orders@petfoodexperts.com.
  3. Email your order directly to orders@petfoodexperts.com.
  • Initial Stocking Orders (ISO) may require additional processing time. Please allow a 2-week minimum for processing and delivery of large ISOs.
  • Reach out to your Customer Service Representative if you require an item/pricing file for your POS system, or have questions regarding pricing.
  • You will receive monthly email updates on price changes, new items, new brands, PFX Picks (our digital monthly flyer), and other special announcements.
  • You can also connect with us on Facebook or Instagram to get updates and become part of the PFX Insider crew!