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Frequent Buyer & Coupon Redemption

We'll meet your coupon processing needs!

The Rewards Team at Pet Food Experts' goal is to help you process your product coupons, dollars off, and frequent buyer cards as quickly and accurately as possible to get those funds back into your cash flow. We work closely with over 40 vendors on your behalf and must strictly adhere to all vendor guidelines for quick processing.

Please review the brand criteria guidelines that list all the requirements needed by the brand for credits to be executed quickly and efficiently through Pet Food Experts.

To ensure proper credit is given, when sending in your coupons, clearly mark each envelope/box with your account number and account name. We accept frequent buyer cards and retailer's POS data. Coupons with incomplete data cannot be processed.

For any questions regarding this process, please contact our rewards team by email, phone, or fax:


Phone: 800-637-7338, then select option #9

Fax: 800-935-2150


Forms and UPCs can be scanned and sent in via email, handed to your PFX Driver, or mailed to:

Pet Food Experts
Pawtucket, RI 02862